What is a sacred mountain ?

Why the Man, men, need sacred places, particularly sacred mountains. We shall answer this question following the advance of our spiritual adventure, but will mention some axes of consideration.

Ever since he appeared in the world, man has referred to the sacred; the modern man is ambivalent on the matter.

The mountain can be considered as a set down natural object. This dimension, due to the ancestral presence of man on it's sides and base, gives it a sacred nature, with a spiritual dimension. Therefore, seen from a particular angle, the mountain concerns religion and the cult of God.

In the 2012 september issue of Le Monde des Religions “2050 what future for the religions” reveals the rise of religious movements during the last ten years. The American religion sociologist Peter BERGER states that « le monde est toujours aussi furieusement religieux qu'il l'a toujours été ». Scientific progress, the linking of disciplines, religions go on existing while transforming themselves.

Man is in search of meaning, he goes on looking for answers in the vast religious patrimony of humanity. The sacred mountain, object of our research, is in the center of our quest, in which we will explore together the image of THE MOUNTAIN in the different religions of the world. Everywhere on our world, the sacred mountain is the place where divinities reveal themselves, the link between sky, earth and hell, the way of all the mysteries and promises says Julien Ries, researcher at the CNRS.

Mountain = Altitude… Obstacle …danger …Nature …Diversity … Beauty …Power …Anchorage to the ground …since eternity … meeting place between earth and sky …rooting place …revelation site …with oneself…Meeting place with the next world …spirituality  meeting place …Which makes it a sacred place ! This is what we will discover together following experiences lived around the world in different situations, especially collective.

Thank you for bringing me your experiences, your comments, which will enrich the matter and bring to all a complementary dimension by publishing on this site, if you wish it, your contribution. Respect of all religions, respect of an ethic code, of the common sense, respect of men, of The Man, is the rule.